CARIS Islington

24th August 2017 
Night Shelter

020 7281 5200
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Volunteering with the Cold Weather Shelter

Volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with planning and fundraising and are needed particularly in the winter months to help at the shelters.

Please phone Mark on 07913020738.

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Volunteering with the Bereavement Service

Caris Islington Bereavement Volunteers undertake training and attend regular supervision throughout their time as a volunteer with the Bereavement Service.

It is not a requirement, but many of our volunteers are training as counsellors and use their time with us to gain experience and match their course requirements.

We usually start our annual training course for volunteers for our adult counselling service in November each year. We recruit volunteers for our children's counselling service a few times each year. If you would like to receive more information, and come for an interview, please send us a stamped addressed envelope - we'll mail out details two or three months before each training course commences.


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Would you like to volunteer with the Bereavement Service?

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Responsibilities of Bereavement Service Volunteers

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Bereavement Service Counsellor Training Placement Policy

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Bereavement Service Supervision Policy

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Bereavement Service Training Policy

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Bereavement Service Volunteer Expenses Policy

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Bereavement Service Volunteer Disciplinary Procedure

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