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Online Loss and Trauma Covid-19 related Project

We are extending the reach of our Bereavement Counselling Service, recruiting a team of Online volunteer counsellors to support people who have suffered a traumatic experience or another type of loss (e.g. of job, home, marriage, freedom) due to Covid19. The pandemic has restricted opportunities to ‘say goodbye’ and achieve closure around bereavement, has intensified existing hardships such poverty and uncertainty, and created new difficulties such as the loss of freedom. People have faced challenges during the pandemic. CARIS Online Loss and Trauma project has been developed to support members of our community dealing with the mental and emotional effect of the pandemic, give them space to express their feelings to support them recover from this crisis, continue developing resilience, engage with the world and function effectively in their lives again.

We are recruiting now. See file below or contact us on 02072895200 for more information

<big>Volunteering</big>. See file below or contact us on 02072895200 for more information

Volunteering with the Cold Weather Shelter

Volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with administration, planning and fundraising and in the winter months to help at the shelters. For an idea of the role and responsibilities of a Cold Weather Shelter volunteer, please refer to the handbook below.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email [email protected]

<big>Volunteering</big>. CWS Volunteer Handbook

Cold Weather Shelter Volunteer Handbook

<big>Volunteering</big>. path without fence

Volunteering with the Bereavement Service

Caris Islington Bereavement Volunteers undertake training and attend regular supervision throughout their time as a volunteer with the Bereavement Service.

We prefer volunteer counsellors to be at least Level 2 . Many of our volunteers are training as counsellors and use their time with us to gain experience and match their course requirements.

We usually run an annual training course for volunteer adult or children counsellors who have been accepted following an interview and recruit volunteers to each service once a year. If you would like to receive more information please email [email protected] .

Volunteer records are kept for 3 years.


If you find it hard to download these documents please install the correct software by following this link: adobe reader

<big>Volunteering</big>. volunteer with BS info

Would you like to volunteer with the Bereavement Service?

<big>Volunteering</big>. volunteer responsibility pdf

Responsibilities of Bereavement Service Volunteers

<big>Volunteering</big>. training placement pdf

Bereavement Service Counsellor Training Placement Policy

<big>Volunteering</big>. supervision policy pdf

Bereavement Service Supervision Policy

<big>Volunteering</big>. training policy pdf

Bereavement Service Training Policy

<big>Volunteering</big>. volunteer expenses pdf

Bereavement Service Volunteer Expenses Policy

<big>Volunteering</big>. volunteer discipline pdf

Bereavement Service Volunteer Disciplinary Procedure

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